Adults' Testimonials

"Overall, I loved it - I think there is a huge application to do this for management and leadership skills.”

– Paul Kenny (Award winning Irish entrepreneur)

“Insightful, fun and focused. Take your children as well - this team has something for all age groups. They make a customized training schedule for each client.”

-Samia, Director, Barclays Wealth and Investment.


“My aim in golf is better… I can now remember names of the people I meet at the golf club”

-RD, 57 year old CEO and Global Philanthropist. 

I've had a wonderful experience at Brain Abilitiez. It has helped me in being more accurate and attentive around my surroundings. It helped me overcome my impulsive behavior, and made me a much calmer person who does not get agitated or angry easily anymore. My training here helped me reduce social anxiety with interacting with new people and has made me less stubborn. I would also like to thank my trainer for making my sessions exciting and fun that I would always love to come back for the next one. I would always recommend my family and friends to give brain training at Brain Abilitiez a try.

Adeyola, University Student, age 18.

I am a 50 year old housewife. Recently I did a brain training experience at "Abilitiez", and I was shocked to see how weak my memory and my ability to multi-task was! This session made me realize that people of all ages need to exercise and challenge their brains in more than one way. I think this program is useful for all ages and all professions including children. In fact just the other day I saw a program on CNN on how important it is to exercise our brain, just as we do our body. I have become a huge fan of this program and have been talking about it to my friends. This is the way forward.

-Mrs S, age 50.

I didn't have any particular areas I thought I needed to improve upon, until I came for a brain training experience at Brain Abilitiez. During the session I realized I needed to improve on my short-term memory and attention span due to  the demanding nature of my job wherein I have to multi task such as producing reports along with providing customer service to employees which in return keeps me constantly distracted throughout my tasks. My trainer practiced some exercises targeted towards divided attention to help me stay focused on a task whilst ignoring any distractions. It was really interesting to identify a weakness which i can improve upon as I learnt some awesome tips from my trainer to overcome them. Thank you Shammi and Misha for a welcoming and an informative experience at Brain Abilitiez.

-Aisha, HR Specialist

“Abilitiez overall is a great place to get smarter and sharper. I recommend Abilitiez to everyone who wants to improve their lives and to get an amazing experience with the best brain trainer Shammi!”

-Sheikha Meera Al Nahyan (Abu Dhabi)