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Get help with ADHD and Dyslexia

How we can help

In big classes, students struggling with a certain aspect of learning can often quickly fall behind.


Weak cognitive skills contribute to 80% of struggles in school or university. The remaining 20% is either a lack of motivation, or a lack of proper instruction. So, if you or your child is eager to learn but is finding that there is always something disrupting this, such as the environment being too noisy environment or the teacher being absent, then cognitive skills testing will give you the invaluable ability to be able to stay focused and motivated despite these challenges. If there are no obvious distractions preventing your studies, then Brain Abilitiez can help you to discover the root cause of why one may struggle at school or university.


Unlike tutoring, BrainRx targets the cause of the reason a student is struggling, whether that be memory, processing speed, attention or another core learning skill. This means students will be able to learn better, perform better on tests, and can see improvements which will remain long after the training programme ends.

This research study explores the effects of completing a LearningRx course on the academic performance of school students.

A client in a brain training program carrying out a BrainRx mental challenge

ADHD/ ADD/ Attention Issues


Our cognitive training has a high focus on developing the client's attention skills. That is the ability to maintain attention for longer periods of time, and even when surrounded by distractions. Weak working memory is also a large contributor to attention issues, which we address if an individual needs to improve this ability.


By working with a trainer one-to-one, a programme is much more intense than learning in a normal educational environment and means that the client practices their impulse control while also practicing the ability to focus their attention on tasks.


A research study into how LearningRx (ThinkRx) is able to help students with ADHD can be found here


Whilst most individuals with Dyslexia are incredibly gifted, they may have underlying weak skills such as auditory processing and short term memory skills. Cognitive testing will analyse which skills are holding an individual back.


A key aspect of our brain training focuses on the underlying skills for reading success.


Improving individuals with Dyslexia's attention, auditory and visual processing, working memory and processing speed is life changing.

Contact us for information and guidance relevant for an individual's requirements:

Telephone: 0203 285 8331


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