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GTA 5 DLC Cars: How to Get All the New Vehicles in GTA Online

GTA 5 DLC Cars Download: How to Get New Vehicles in Grand Theft Auto V

If you are a fan of Grand Theft Auto V, you probably know that the game has a huge variety of vehicles to choose from. You can drive cars, bikes, boats, planes, helicopters, and even tanks in the open world of Los Santos and Blaine County. But did you know that you can also download new vehicles to add to your collection? These are called DLC cars, and they are either officially released by Rockstar Games or created by the GTA 5 community. In this article, we will show you how to download DLC cars in GTA 5, and what are some of the best ones to try out.

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What are DLC cars in GTA 5?

DLC stands for downloadable content, which means additional content that you can download and install in your game. DLC cars are new vehicles that are not included in the original version of GTA 5, but are added later by Rockstar Games or by modders. Some DLC cars are free, while others require you to pay real money or in-game currency to get them.

Why download DLC cars in GTA 5?

There are many reasons why you might want to download DLC cars in GTA 5. Here are some of them:

  • You want to have more options and variety when it comes to driving and customizing your vehicles.

  • You want to experience new features and functions that some DLC cars offer, such as weapons, gadgets, or special abilities.

  • You want to challenge yourself with new missions and activities that involve DLC cars.

  • You want to show off your style and taste to other players online with your unique and rare vehicles.

  • You want to have fun and explore the game world with different types of vehicles.

How to download DLC cars in GTA 5?

There are two ways to download DLC cars in GTA 5: through Rockstar Games official updates or through modded files from the GTA 5 community. We will explain both methods in detail below.

List of DLC cars in GTA 5

Rockstar Games official DLC cars

Rockstar Games regularly releases new updates for GTA 5 that include new vehicles, along with other content such as weapons, clothing, missions, and more. These updates are usually free for all players, but some vehicles may require you to purchase them with real money or in-game currency. To download these updates, you need to have a valid copy of GTA 5 and an internet connection. The updates will be automatically downloaded and installed when you launch the game.

Here are some of the most recent and popular updates that added new vehicles to GTA 5:

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The Cayo Perico Heist DLC cars

This update was released on December 15, 2020, and it added a new island location called Cayo Perico, where you can perform a daring heist. It also added several new vehicles, such as:





Pegassi Toreador

Submersible car


A sleek sports car that can transform into a submarine and fire missiles underwater.

Kurtz 31 Patrol Boat

Armed boat


A fast and agile boat that can fire machine guns and rockets from the front and back.

Vapid Winky

Classic jeep


A vintage military jeep that can be customized with various liveries and accessories.

The Diamond Casino Heist DLC cars

This update was released on December 12, 2019, and it added a new heist location called The Diamond Casino & Resort, where you can rob the vault or play various games. It also added several new vehicles, such as:





Ocelot Jugular

Sports car


A stylish and powerful car that can reach high speeds and handle well.

Karin Everon

Pickup truck


A rugged and durable truck that can tackle any terrain and carry heavy loads.

Lampadati Komoda

Luxury car


A sleek and elegant car that offers comfort and performance.

The Arena War DLC cars

This update was released on December 11, 2018, and it added a new game mode called Arena War, where you can compete in various vehicular combat events. It also added several new vehicles, such as:





Apocalypse Deathbike

Motorcycle$1,269,000A modified bike that can be equipped with weapons, armor, and boosters.Future Shock ZR380 Sports car $2,138,640 A modified car that can be equipped with weapons, armor, and boosters.Nightmare Sasquatch Monster truck $2,254,350 A modified truck that can be equipped with weapons, armor, and boosters.Modded DLC cars from GTA 5 community Besides the official DLC cars from Rockstar Games, you can also download modded DLC cars from the GTA 5 community. These are custom-made vehicles that are created by fans and modders using various tools and software. Some of these vehicles are based on real-life models, while others are original creations. Modded DLC cars can offer more variety and creativity than the official ones, but they also come with some risks and limitations.

  • How to install modded DLC cars in GTA 5 To install modded DLC cars in GTA 5, you need to have a PC version of the game and some additional programs and files. Here are the basic steps to follow:Download and install OpenIV, a tool that allows you to edit the game files. You can get it from and install Script Hook V, a tool that allows you to run custom scripts in the game. You can get it from and install a trainer or a menu mod, such as Simple Trainer or Menyoo. These are programs that allow you to spawn and customize vehicles in the game. You can get them from or OpenIV and enable the edit mode. Then navigate to the update\x64\dlcpacks folder in your game directory. Create a new folder with the name of your modded DLC car file. For example, if your file is called "", create a folder called "supercar". Then extract the contents of your file into this folder.Navigate to the update\update.rpf\common\data folder in your game directory. Open the dlclist.xml file with OpenIV. Add a new line at the bottom with the following code: dlcpacks:/supercar/. Replace "supercar" with the name of your modded DLC car folder. Save and close the file.

  • Launch the game and load into story mode or online mode. Press the key that activates your trainer or menu mod, such as F4 or F8. Navigate to the vehicle spawning section and select your modded DLC car from the list. Enjoy your new vehicle!

Note: Installing modded DLC cars in GTA 5 may cause some issues or errors in your game, such as crashes, glitches, or bans. Make sure to backup your game files before installing any mods, and use them at your own risk. Also, do not use modded DLC cars in online mode i


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