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Explore and Restore a Secret City in Virtual Villagers 3 - Download Now for Free

the story is intriguing, but because of the limited interaction the game can be played in short bursts. you are able to see the villagers' progression through the game, but there's not much in the way of interaction. the game is best played in short bursts or as a break from your computer.

Download Virtual Villagers 3 Free Full Version

you are able to explore your surroundings, but it's easy to get lost in the forest, so it's best to get to know your surroundings well before venturing into the unknown. virtual villagers 3 full version for pc is a decent addition to the virtual villagers franchise, but it's not a title that's going to last you very long. you can find out if it's the game for you by downloading it yourself.

you will need to tell your villagers to perform tasks like gather food, research and build. the longer a villager performs a task the better they get at it. the villagers will continue doing what you have told them to most of the time, but occasionally they will explore or eat. the other goal besides staying alive is exploration. there are several mysteries that you need to solve as well as things that will help your villagers out.

there are three versions of the game, with new content added to each one. the first version is free, and includes the basic story from the previous game. the second version, called "the island of isola", is a free update to the first version and includes the basic story, as well as the tutorial and a new island. finally, the full version includes the second version, as well as all the dlc.

controlling the game is very simple and only requires the mouse. to start a villager on a certain action you hold down the left mouse button on them which will pick them up and drop them near the activity you want them to perform. tech points and food are the only consumables in the game. tech points are earned by scientists and can be used to upgrade things like medicine, alchemy, science and even restoration (this helps you rebuild the city). food is gathered or grown and feeds the villagers when they are hungry.


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