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I was intrigued by the post on the flow hive and found some great info on the inner workings. Unfortunately I have a flow hive in my bee yard, so I can not try it out until the warmer weather. My herd of bees is so low this year, I feel I must get more bees in the hive.

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Im just finishing the articles about something Ive been hoping for a long time, the flow hive. I cant wait to get started with my first hive. Ive wanted a flow hive for a while and am excited to use it. I cant wait for spring to come around and will probably be ordering my bees from Alta Hab at that time. Hopefully Ill get a super to order at that time and can use my first hive. I have a cedar hive box and have already ordered my bees. No hive is better than the first and Im excited to get started. I like the idea of getting a good solid queen in order to put in my hive and have the initial build up of the hive be easier. Seems like you need to do a little work to get started with the flow hive which makes sense to me.

I just built a flow hive for someones garden. I have two peach trees, one being new. I looked around on the internet for honey but couldnt find anything that wasnt a comb covered with wax and layers upon layers of wax. Sounded like a lot of work. I decided to build this hive, using the tips of the flow frame as feet. The guy I built it for said he had no idea how to start a hive. So he pointed me in the direction of you. I love it.

I am thinking of getting a hive this year and am following your post. I have a small beehive right now, and am hoping to combine them. I live in southwest Oregon, and will be separating my hives when the weather is better. I am a beginner beekeeper, and am trying to reduce the pollution to the bees.


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