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Apple Card (August) _VERIFIED_

Apple Card, created by Apple, is the only card issued by Goldman Sachs, which ranked highest among the Midsize Credit Card segment in the J.D. Power 2021 U.S. Credit Card Satisfaction StudySM and received a chart-topping score of 864.1 Apple Card and issuer Goldman Sachs also ranked highest in the Midsize Credit Card segment across all of the surveyed categories, including interaction, credit card terms, communication, benefits and services, rewards, and key moments.

Apple Card (August)


Goldman Sachs is providing Apple with the software tools for Apple Card, while Apple will provide the service inside of Apple Wallet app. The card can be used by tapping an iPhone at a payment terminal, or by using a physical card made out of titanium that Apple will also ship.

Cook said several Apple employees have been testing the Apple Card, and it will roll out to the public in August. But Cook did not give a specific launch date for the Apple Card. Cook told CNBC's Josh Lipton that the card rollout will ramp up after the initial launch in August.

The Apple Card will provide daily cash back instead of a rewards points system. Cash can be spent right from the Apple Cash card. Apple also promises there aren't annual fees, late fees, over-limit fees or cash-advance fees. Variable APRs for the Apple Card will range from between 13.24 percent to 24.42 percent based on creditworthiness.

Tapping the three dots in the upper-right corner of the Apple Card interface in Wallet lets you quickly contact support through Apple Business Chat, on the web, or via phone. You can also manage your scheduled payments here. If you already have a bank account linked to Apple Pay Cash, you can use that same one for your credit card without having to reenter the information.

Also here you can view your credit details, as well as card information like your card number, expiration, and security code. You can also request a new card number if you think yours might have been compromised.

One of the most popular things about its integration with the Wallet app is how straightforward the transactions list is. Many card companies display a jumbled list of transactions and merchant IDs, but the Wallet app clearly shows you the merchant name and a map of where the transaction was made.

Apple Card has no fees, including foreign transaction fees, annual fees, balance transfer fees, and more. For many people, this should be a factor when rewards shopping, as many cards with more lucrative rewards might have a steep annual fee.

Apple is looking to entice new customers with its credit card this holiday season with two promotions. To start December, it launched 5% cash back for new cardholders through Christmas and the company is now also offering a $75 Daily Cash bonus when using a referral link from a friend.

Back in 2020, Mint debuted the ability to integrate your Apple Card within your account. After serious issues affecting its use, this feature was temporarily removed. Apple Card users have the opportunity once again to integrate their card usage within the Mint app.

Cash back is provided in the form of "Daily Cash" that, as the name suggests, is paid out to customers on a daily basis. Daily Cash is added to the Apple Cash card in Wallet and can be used for purchases, sent to friends, or transferred to a bank account.

Right next to "Your July Balance" is the "Minimum Payment Due" section. That section shows the Monthly Installments and the minimum due. This is a terrible way to state what is required. The "minimum due" is $25, because that's the minimum monthly payment required on the new charges, not the installment. Below that $25 is the total of the installment charges incurred on July 31, and that's $200. So the minimum due here is $225, which is correct. It satisfies the requirement for the installment plus the amount needed to keep the card current. Obviously the user incurs interest on the charges (not the installment) if they pay only the minimum.

Your installment payments are likely automatic and zero interest. So, it is correct that your card balance of $400, if paid off, will no longe accrue interest. Unless I'm not understanding what you're trying to say.

My issue is that the statement says "Your July balance as of Jul 31, 2021 is $400" and "This includes any Apple Card Monthly Installments as of Jul 31, 2021." $400 is purchases I charged to the card in the month, and it does not include the $200 installments. How do I know this? I added up my purchases and they total $400. And the statement on page 2, under "Transactions," says "total charges, credits and returns for this period" is $400.

He said that they realized that there were issues with merged accounts and installments on the original accounts. What they chose to do is to indicate the merged-account balance as the total of all purchases made on all of the cards in the month. This is the revolving charge balance. And there is a grace period until October (!) for the installments.

Apple Card is a credit card created by Apple Inc. and issued by Goldman Sachs, designed primarily to be used with Apple Pay on Apple devices such as an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or Mac.[1][2] Currently, it is available only in the United States, with 6.7 million American cardholders in early 2022.[3][4]

On August 6, 2019, invitations to an early preview started being sent to randomly selected users who had previously signed up for email notifications ahead of Apple Card's official launch.[5] It was released in the United States on August 20, 2019.[6] Additional cardholders and joint accounts were not supported at its launch.[7]

On April 20, 2021, Apple announced that it would be introducing joint accounts and additional cardholders. These features have been introduced under the brand Apple Card Family. Individuals 18 years and older can be co-owners of the account, while individuals 13 years and older can be additional cardholders. Up to five individuals may be additional cardholders or co-owners.[12]

Users can apply for an Apple Card directly from within the Wallet app.[14][15] Upon approval, a digital Apple Card is made available immediately on all of the user's devices. Users also can order a physical card for use at locations that do not accept contactless payments.[16]

The physical card does not display numbers on the front; instead, users receive a 16-digit virtual card number for websites and apps that do not accept Apple Pay.[17] Apple Card details are accessible in the user's iCloud Keychain and can be auto-filled into online forms.[18]

Apple has designed a titanium Apple Card for shopping at locations where Apple Pay contactless payment is not accepted.[19] The logos on the card are engraved, and the cardholder's name is laser-etched onto the card.[20][21] The card has no card number, CVV security code, expiration date, or signature printed on the card.[19]

On delivery, users with the iPhone XS and above can activate the physical card by moving their phone near a NFC tag concealed within the card's packaging.[22] Users with an iPhone X or earlier need to open the Wallet app before tapping the phone against the card.[23]

Regular purchases made using the physical card earn 1%, purchases made with Apple Pay earn 2%, and purchases at Apple Stores and selected partners earn 3%. Cashback on eligible purchases is deposited into the customer's Apple Cash account or applied as a statement credit.[24][25][26]

Apple Card does not charge late, foreign transaction, returned payment, or annual credit card fees, but it does generate interest fees when carrying a balance and interchange fees charged to the vendor.[27][15]

A unique card number is created for each device and is stored in a secure element which is used by Apple Pay to handle transactions and on-device cryptographic functions. Each transaction uses its own one-time dynamic security code and is authorized with Face ID, Touch ID,[29] or passcode.[30]

In March 2020, about 3.1 million Americans held the Apple Card. That number has grown to 6.7 million cardholders as of early 2022.[4] Six in ten Apple Card users use it as their primary credit card.[37]

On October 1, 2019, MarketWatch published an article stating that Goldman Sachs is not reporting payments to the credit reporting agencies.[38] The article suggests that Apple and Goldman Sachs rushed development of the card, and that the companies would fix the issue over time.

First, Tim Cook was pressed into saying that yes, yes, okay, we'll be bringing Apple Card to more countries, enough already. And, second, the earliest users were finding that the physical card shows wear.

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In addition, Apple made significant gains throughout 2020 in getting the Apple Card into the hands of women. At the start of the year, just 25% of cardholders were women. By December that percentage had grown to 42%.

Not surprisingly, many Apple Card holders also a credit card from the leading issuers like American Express, Bank of America, and Capital One. The biggest competition for driving purchases to the Apple Card may not come from any of the major issuers, however.

In 2014, not long after the Motley Fool article was published, I correctly predicted a credit card boom, arguing that Millennials would fuel a five-year growth spurt in credit card ownership and usage.

The emerging number of Gen Zers, the quest for rewards, and the launch of new credit building cards will combine to not just keep credit cards afloat, but drive them past debit cards throughout this decade.

Created in partnership with Goldman Sachs and Mastercard, the Apple Card sees Apple expand into the world of finance. Promising no annual fees, late fees or over-the-limit fees. Sign-up and management of the card are handled through the iPhone's Wallet app on iOS 12.4, which is also where interested users can apply for the card. If approved, the digital card can be added to the app immediately to begin using it right away.


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