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Call Of Duty Juggernaut Perkl

How about making sure he never gets his juggernaut in the first place?The juggernaut airdrop looks different to a normal airdrop, (it's a C-130 Hercules(the juggernaut one)) and it will always fly towards the person that dropped the marker. Take him out and hav the juggernaut all to yourself. I have called in a recon juggernaut 3 times and each one I have been killed before I can use it. But once my teammate got it. As for actually taking it down, teamwork is crucial. Change to an Lmg class or a launcher class and then just blow them away. Juggernaut are very slow. And the recon juggernaut doesn't have an M60. You can just run away from them and get to a good spot and launch a missile at their face.

Call Of Duty Juggernaut Perkl


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