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Ghost Stories Full Movie Download In Italian

Summoned by two ghosts in their house, Beetlejuice helps the couple scare away the new tenants. But everyone soon learns, bargaining with Beetlejuice comes at a price. Think carefully before you say his name three times.

Ghost Stories full movie download in italian

Sometimes the best way to escape the reality of life is to enjoy a movie. Consider watching these movies when you have had a chance to process your grief. It may take months. It may take years. Hopefully, you will one day be able to enjoy movies that broach this difficult subject.

Waxworks (1924) is a silent German anthology film containing two main segments, with its frame story making up a much shorter (and more horror oriented) third segment. The frame story is about a poet who is hired to write background stories for historical wax figures in a museum as a way to attract visitors. As the poet ponders what to write, we see his ideas play out on screen. Waxworks is a darkly beautiful film, containing the unmistakable style of German Expressionism that was so influential to the entire horror genre. Though it was preceded by Eerie Tales (1919) as one of the earliest horror anthology movies, Waxworks is often cited as being a greater influence on the format than the earlier film.

Dead of Night stands out not only for being one of the rare horror movies released in the United Kingdom during the 1940s, but also for its effective segments and inventive frame story. The framing narrative takes place in a country house where a man named Walter Craig (Mervyn Jones) has a strong sense of déjà vu. As Craig tries to figure out why everything seems so familiar, guests in the house tell a series of eerie stories which make up the five main segments of the film. The stories are about death, murder, ghosts, and, most famously, madness involving a ventriloquist dummy named Hugo. Dead of Night is lauded by critics and filmmakers for its effective creepiness.

Cult horror icon Karen Black stars in each of the three segments in the made-for-TV horror anthology Trilogy of Terror. The segments are based on short stories originally written by author Richard Matheson. The stories include a tale about a college student obsessed with his English instructor, a dangerous sibling rivalry between twin sisters, and a woman terrorized by a doll that comes to life. Of all the stories, the killer doll segment is the one that is best remembered. Trilogy of Terror is fun for any fan of horror, but for killer doll aficionados it is a must-watch movie.

BeDevil is a collection of three ghost stories set in a highly stylized version of Australia. Segments include a story of a young indigenous Australian boy who encounters the ghost of an American soldier, a tale about train tracks haunted by the spirit of a young girl, and a tragic story of a couple who try to escape racist opposition to their marriage. BeDevil is a gorgeous film, and its stance of challenging racial stereotypes gives it an added impact that resonates even decades after its original release.


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