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I recently reconnected with am old lover that I had not seen in 40+ years he is married and I am divorced. We met for coffee and talked for over 3 hours. I was nice. He had been so upset over hurting me and even though I had let go I feel it was something he needed to resolve. We talked about thoings that had both happened to us over the years and I am glad we met. I helps both of us to grow and have closure. As long as you are mature about it. I see no harm.

I can sympathize with the situation you are trying to come to terms with.I think all the advice given on this forum is correct. I had went a couple of weeks without talking to my ex, and after a couple of days I started to feel a bit better, my life began to come back into focus and able to get on with my real life with my wife. Its easy to say to break all contacts with your friend, and I would love to do that in my situation too, but I know how difficult it is.I have yet to take my own advice but have had some relief by not talking to my ex, and getting my head straight, to some degree. I hope I see sense soon and break that social media connection. I wish you well with your situation.

I REALLY NEED SOME ADVICEHey guys so I dont really know where to begin so ill try my hardest for this to make sence. So like 8 years ago I was probably 18 now 24 still young (I think) anyway back then I was walking home from work one day when this guy (my step brothers friend) invited me to this party anyway I was really drunk and thought he was really cute and we had a fling. Well my step brother disapproved because hes an a#$hole anyway so we never actually started dating. Over the years even though I had moved on with a guy I still had feelings towards him and am reminded of him everytime I go shopping because he works there unfortuantely but I never said hi just ignored him. Anyway so last year I was walking out of the supermarket and I could see him staring at me and I was looking back at him so I decided to find him on facebook and message him how I was sorry that I am so rude and never say hi and we started chatting from there, he told me how we still had strong feelings towards me some part of me just thought he wanted sex but the thing is he has a girlfriend who hes getting married to and a kid. Anyway we had a fight because he said how he wanted to catch up with me for one last time and most of it sounded like he wanted sex.. I cant say I wouldnt have it with him but I didnt want to feel like a slut and it just felt wrong so I said Ill just give you a kiss anyway he kept talking sexual and then we got in a fight and I blocked him then unblocked him.. went off at him again and then he blocked me lol. Anyway 5 days ago he messaged me and told me basically he was sorry about how things ended and how him and his girlfriend were fighting the whole time we were talking (but so was me and my boyfriend) and that everytime he sees me I remind him of the past and the strong feelings he had towards me, how he still thinks about me a lot and all the feelings he said in the last message (before we got in a fight) were real (sounded like he just wanted one thing to me though) he said that everytime he sees me that he can feel the connecting that it is still there. So I asked him does he still have feeling towards me and he said he would explain the next day which he didnt (made me think he was horny lol, or felt low and wanted me to feed his ego what are you guys gathering so far from this?) anyway I was waiting, waiting, waiting, didnt reply he did this last time which is why we got in a fight to anyway I was so angry I told him how he is exhausting and how it seems that he is not 100% being with his fiance and that if he really cared about her he would just tell her. Anyway this is really hard for me to deal with its doing my head in.. because the connection is still there .. I do have strong feelings for him and I also have a boyfriend and my boyfriend is so supportive of me but I still wonder what my life would be like if I was with him.. I feel old and traped in a relationship that I am not 100% confident that I am happy in because all my family love him and I dont know what would happen to my life if I left him.. but the thing is I would only be in a relationship with the guy I am currently with or the other guy (dont want to say names) but this other guy is getting married and has a kid so he is lieterallly traped.. I am so confused .. this guy talking to me makes me feel as though he would be happier with me then his partner but and that I would be happier with him but then another part of me just thinks he likes the idea of having me.. but is actually happy in his realtionship.. what do I do ? I wish we never started talking because I cant stop thinking about him.. I really hope he is happy and that is what he wanted (a$#hole).. I hate how much I like hi. What do I do?

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