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1920x1080 Subwoofer Wallpaper">

While extremely compact, this amazing amplifier will comfortably drive a complete high-performance car audio system: that is, four satellite speaker systems and a subwoofer system... with a very serious 900 watts of power!

1920x1080 Subwoofer Wallpaper">

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Using our Single Cycle Control switching design and R.I.P.S. technology, the HD900/5 delivers 100 W x 4 to its four main channels, plus a very meaty 500 W to its subwoofer channel. Thanks to R.I.P.S., high power can be delivered over a wide range of load impedances, while the tight power supply regulation keeps distortion down, maximizing sound quality. From a pure sound quality perspective, we invite you to compare the real-world, in-car performance of this amplifier to any other amplifier on the market, of any type, at any price.

Conventional amplifiers are designed to produce optimum power at a particular impedance (2 ohms, for example). When asked to run above that impedance (say, 4 ohms), these amplifiers lose power (half their power from 2 ohms to 4 ohms). This will not happen with a JL Audio HD or 'Slash' amplifier because the R.I.P.S. System detects the actual impedance being driven and adjusts the amplifier's operation to deliver optimum output. The entire process is seamless, automatic, and results in incredible dynamics for satellite channels and consistent power output for a wide range of subwoofer configurations. It also takes into account the real impedance of the system, rather than relying on often inaccurate assumptions based on a speaker's rated impedance.

Engineered for all out-bass performance and superior flexibly, the all-new 10-inch300-watt subwoofer systems are built the rider who wants bass when they want it and the space when they need it. Watch to learn more.

The included port cover can be installed when the subwoofer needs to be removed to accommodate luggage. Two thumb-screws secure the cover in place to prevent intrusion of elements like dust and water from entering the saddlebag, keeping your gear clean and dry.

When you want next level audio performance on your 2014 or newer Harley-Davidson motorcycle, our new subwoofer kits reinvent the ride. Designed and engineered for easy integration and superior flexibly, these 800 watt, dual 10-inch motorcycle kits are built for true on-road performance. The plug-and-play design, paired with freeway speed output, create the best in-class bass experience. This entire system was also designed to work with your current Rockford Fosgate TMS motorcycle audio system.

The M1 subwoofers deliver clear, accurate and loud bass. They also feature an Element Ready design and are built to stand up to the outdoor environment. Housing the subwoofers are these purpose-built enclosures that fit perfectly into your factory saddlebags.

Sound when you want it, space when you need it. This patent pending design allows you to remove one or both subwoofers easily with no tools. So, if you need your bags for a long ride, this flexible system allows for just that

On the front panel of the Xtreme XD you'll notice four controls: Level, Freq., Blend and Phase. These allow an extraordinary amount of control over your subwoofer. These controls allow you to tailor the sound of the sub to your room and integrate with your main speakers. 041b061a72


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