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Download Madini Classic's Bingo Bango Video and Enjoy the Swahili Music

Madini Classic - Bingo Bango Video Download DJ Mwanga

If you are a fan of Kenyan music, you might have heard of Madini Classic, a talented singer and songwriter who has been making waves in the industry. His latest hit song, Bingo Bango, is a catchy and upbeat tune that will make you want to dance. In this article, we will tell you more about Madini Classic, his song Bingo Bango, and how you can download the video from DJ Mwanga, a popular website for African music and entertainment.

madini classic - bingo bango video download dj mwanga

Who is Madini Classic?

Madini Classic is an artist/singer/Songwriter from Kenya. He was born on 2nd Dec 1994 in Kisumu, Kenya. Although many may associate him with Luo Nyanza, he is a Mombasa based musician. He adopted the name Madini Classic from his grandfather who was known for his mastery in gold mining in Tanzania.

Madini Classic started his musical career in 2016 with his debut single, Nitalewa. Since then, he has released several songs that showcase his versatility and creativity. Some of his popular songs include Nilivyo, Hatawanifunga Minyororo, Kama Zamani, and Bingo Bango. He describes his musical style as Swahili music with a fusion of different genres such as Afro-pop, R&B, reggae, and dancehall.

What is Bingo Bango?

Bingo Bango is a song written and recorded by Madini Classic for his album Remedy (2020). The track was released as the lead single from the album on 27 March 2020. The song combines dance music with various elements of Latin music such as samba, calypso, and salsa. It also contains a sample of Bolivar's Merengue.

The song is about a man who is madly in love with a woman who has a sweet and spicy personality. He compares her to chocolate, spaghetti, mango, and lingo. He expresses his devotion and loyalty to her despite what others may say or do. He sings "Hata wanifunge minyororo kwako bado nitasema yes ido" which means "Even if they tie me up with chains for you I will still say yes I do" in Swahili.

The song has a catchy chorus that goes "Bingo Bango Bingo Bango katoto mtambo toto mango lingo lingo lingo lingo mama kukuwacha ndio siwezi" which means "Bingo Bango Bingo Bango sweet girl machine girl mango lingo lingo lingo lingo mama leaving you is impossible" in Swahili.

How to download Bingo Bango video from DJ Mwanga?

DJ Mwanga is a website that provides online PR, music and video promotion, entertainment news, events, ticketing, and promoting upcoming artists in Africa. It is one of the best sources for African music and videos on the internet. If you want to download Bingo Bango video from DJ Mwanga, here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Go to using your browser.

  • Type "Madini Classic - Bingo Bango" in the search box and click enter.

  • Select the video from the search results and click on it.

  • On the video page, scroll down to find the download button below the video player.

  • Click on the download button and choose your preferred quality (HD or SD) and the format (MP4 or 3GP).

  • Wait for the download to start and complete.

  • Enjoy watching the video on your device.

You can also watch the video online on DJ Mwanga website or on YouTube. Here is the link to the official video on YouTube: .


In conclusion, Madini Classic is a rising star in the Kenyan music scene who has impressed many fans with his unique and diverse musical style. His song Bingo Bango is a fun and lively song that celebrates love and happiness. You can download the video of Bingo Bango from DJ Mwanga, a reliable and convenient website for African music and entertainment. We hope you enjoyed this article and learned something new. If you did, please share it with your friends and family who might also be interested in Madini Classic and his music.

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What is the meaning of Bingo Bango?

Bingo Bango is a slang expression that means "done" or "finished" or "success". It is often used to express satisfaction or excitement about something. For example, "I just aced my exam, bingo bango!" or "We just won the lottery, bingo bango!"

Who produced Bingo Bango?

Bingo Bango was produced by Teddy B, a renowned Kenyan music producer who has worked with many artists such as Sauti Sol, Otile Brown, Bahati, and Willy Paul. He is also the founder of Taurus Musik, a record label that manages Madini Classic.

How popular is Bingo Bango?

Bingo Bango is one of the most popular songs by Madini Classic. It has received over 1.5 million views on YouTube and over 300,000 streams on Spotify as of June 2023 . It has also been featured on several playlists and radio stations across Africa and beyond.

What are some other songs by Madini Classic?

Some other songs by Madini Classic are:

  • Nitalewa (2016)

  • Nilivyo (2017)

  • Hatawanifunga Minyororo (2018)

  • Kama Zamani (2019)

  • Remedy (2020)

  • Mama (2021)

  • Nakupenda (2022)

  • Baby Love (2023)

Where can I find more information about Madini Classic?

You can find more information about Madini Classic on his social media platforms such as:


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