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hey Dyne quick question! First love this game so much! I was wondering can I get the full game download if I can support one single payment? And if so where is the link I can do that from? Thanks in advance keep up the amazing work

Download bensound pianomoment mp3

Hello, first of all I would like to say how much I love this game, the writing is amazing and all the characters are well fleshed out in my opinion. One thing I wanted to ask was if it was possible to download older versions of the game or have two versions of the game on the same device. I want to keep updating the game as more things get added, but, (and I hope this doesn't sound rude because I really like CaptaiGerBear's art), I would like to have the option of switching between the old and new art styles. I apologize if this is an annoying question, you probably get a lot about the art style change. I read the FAQ and saw that you would include a legacy gallery with old art, but any insight on this would be much appreciated :). Best of luck with finishing the game and I can't wait to see more!

Was wondering how to set up and start the game from downloading it. I did that from this website and had all the files, but don't know how to actually play the game. Would really appreciate it if anyone could help. I use a Dell laptop Inspiron 13, 5000 series.

Hello, i downloaded this game Two Days ago and i have spent a lot of my time working though this Novel, two days and i have completed the Harold and Spencer route, (well up too what has been finished so far) i am really enjoying working my way though although i have a huge dislike with the story just cutting out mid way haha i have to know what is happening and i dislike being left on a cliff hanger so too speak, but i have become so obsessed in what is going to happen, i have become a Patron so so i will be able to find out what has happened, so well done in capturing my interest.

although i do have a Question, with the updates coming though, how will the applied? will that be automatic or will i need to download? i need answering to the story haha. Amazing work i am looking toward too seeing more. 041b061a72


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