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SpyHunter Nowhere To Run

Spy Hunter: Nowhere to Run is a bit of an anomaly. It was developed as the game tie-in for a motion picture inspired by the Spy Hunter franchise, with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson starring in both. As of this writing, though, the Spy Hunter motion picture is nowhere to be seen, making it seem arbitrary that Midway would release a new Spy Hunter game featuring The Rock. Even if it weren't saddled with all this snake-eating-its-own-tail distraction, Nowhere to Run is such a derivative, uninspired mash of third-person action and driving sequences that it still feels unnecessary.

SpyHunter Nowhere To Run

Being in the midst of a console hardware transition, PlayStation 2 and Xbox games have to work hard to impress, but Nowhere to Run seems content with doing just barely enough. Though you seem to be fighting the same half-dozen thugs, boats, and cars for the duration of the game, there are some good scenery changes, including a wide variety of high-tech, secret military installations, burned-out warehouses, opulent mansions, and canal-lined European streets. Alex Decker looks and sounds enough like The Rock, though the character model is a bit blocky, and The Rock is given few lines that make good use of his inherent charisma. The game's whole look just feels as though it was cribbed from other familiar, better games--games that weren't plagued with repetitive character designs, awkward rag-doll deaths, cheap-looking special effects, and inconsistent frame rates. Maybe more appalling to Spy Hunter fans than the second-class treatment given to the driving sequences is the fact that the Peter Gunn theme song, which has been a Spy Hunter staple since the beginning, is seemingly nowhere to be found in Nowhere to Run. 041b061a72


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