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Get an idea of your/your child's cognitive strengths and weaknesses by completing our FREE no obligation Learning Skills Screener. 

After completing the screener, you will receive a free 15 minute consultation about your/ your child's strengths and weaknesses. YES, this screener can be used for adults and children -- we can all benefit from knowing more about how our brain is serving us.

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The last few years everyone has been faced with even more challenges and mental trauma as Covid-19 has negatively impacted people's ability. A steep and slippery brain drain slide has occurred. You didn't need to have Covid-19 to be impacted. It touched many people by enforcing lockdowns and online learning. As a result, many individuals have been struggling with their cognitive skills. By completing this Learning Skills Screener and answering the basic questions about your day-to-day tasks and challenges, you will be able to understand where your strengths and weaknesses are. This then allows you to understand where improvements can be made. 


80% of learning struggles are caused by weaknesses in one or more brain skills- realising where these weaknesses are is the first step to enhancing your brain performance. 

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Click this link to complete the Learning Skills Screener

Or to book a full cognitive skills assessment, contact us on 0203 285 8331 or 07501 450039