Parents' Testimonials

Shammi & team of Brain Abilitiez, I thank you all from bottom of my heart for training and making Abhinav more confident.

Shammi! A person of hope, positivity and confidence everyone would for sure get to see from him. For all those who are having BrainRx on mind, yes it's a place to show definite results!


Special thanks and congratulations to Mr & Mrs. Kapoor for putting Shammi on the map for such a noble job of training people to become confident and positive.


For Abhinav, Shammi will always be an inspiration and a
person to look up to take and dedicate for such a noble job of helping people. God bless, keep up this good deed... Thanks a ton!


- Bharti Nalatwad

An absolutely brilliant course for anyone who needs that little bit of a push but with fantastic results. We were always trying to find that missing piece to really unlock our son’s potential. Something was always holding him back; getting distracted after a short time, needing someone to sit with him and guide him even though he was capable of doing the work and forgetting his trail of thought when writing. We found this to be the case across the subjects. He was very capable so it wasn’t subject tuition that he needed. We came across Brain Abilitiez and after reading what they did we thought this could probably be the missing piece which was holding our son back. It quickly became apparent that he needed to improve on his auditory memory. We decided to give the course a go. Midway through we could start to see small but obvious changes in our son. His concentration improved in all subjects, he was able to keep up when writing dictations at school and his performance in sports excelled. His story writing flowed and his understanding of books and summarising chapters improved immensely. This continued right through until the end of the course and even today having completed the course we continue to see the benefits.

- Sareena (Mum to 9 year old Kyle)

Charlie’s Brain Story
(Written by Charlie’s Dad)

Charlie is autistic, attends a special needs high school and is 14 years old. Over the years though he has made improvements, the below were key concerns for us, when we first visited you, to see how you could help Charlie with the cognitive brain therapy.

  • Charlie has lack of attention and finds it difficult to concentrate on any one activity for any length of time. Also had difficulty to transition between activities and found it hard to adapt any changes easily. 

  • He is also fixated by TV, electronic gadgets and if left to his own devices would watch TV and YouTube watching specific scenes from his favourite movies, Baby Einstein or CBeebies.

  • He has anxiety in large groups, with sensitivity to loud noises.

  • Charlie’s level of independence with self-care tasks.

  • Charlie’s lack of safety-awareness in the context of dangerous situations, stranger danger.

  • Charlie’s level of social and communication skills and the impact these have on the challenging behaviour he displays.

Charlie’s challenging behaviour typically serves two functions: when Charlie has been asked to do something or when he has been denied access to something he wants.

Charlie will often display challenging behaviour in the form of moving away, verbal protests, and general non-compliance (ignoring/refusal). Occasionally he will push past the supervising adult or try to grab items. These behaviours are Charlie’s way of letting you know that he is not happy with what is happening.

Throughout the course of our Brain Abilitiez Training and Cognitive therapy, Charlie is now sitting down for a full 60 minutes of work together. Initially we started with a slot of 15 minutes and gradually build it up to 60mins. He understands the “First/Then” concept of working then playtime.

Functional communication has improved via training that was provided to encourage Charlie’s use of essential language to help him communicate his needs, e.g. “break”, “wait”, “finished”, “more” etc. Regular praise has helped Charlie to develop his communication skills further.

Charlie’s challenging behaviour in the community has also improved, particularly when he is asked to comply with activities we need to complete such as shopping, or when he is not granted access to something he wants (watching DVD’s in TV shops).

Within the last 6-9 months, Charlie is now much more confident and engaging, his level of independence is developing nicely, and he is accessing the community more successfully and is much more amenable to the boundaries we have established. Whilst Charlie has further progress to make, he has made considerable improvements across many of the targeted areas in a very short space of time.

Charlie’s mum visited family overseas for 10 days on her own for the first time since he was born. Charlie adapted well during this time. Charlie is better able to adjust to changes in his routine with planning and has been able to visit a cinema, Disney show at the O2 all within the past 6 months, venturing outside of his comfort zone. Charlie has tolerated, and mostly enjoyed these activities which we believe has consequently helped him develop further across a number of areas.

The Brain Training programme has definitely helped Charlie. Brain Abilitiez understands each and every child’s needs and the therapy is a very tailored programme. We would like to thank Sonal and the whole team at Brain Abilitiez for all the hard work and support we have received so far and we look forward to carrying on the programme as it is making a positive change in Charlie’s life and our goal is to make Charlie as independent as possible.


One of my friends recommended Brain Abilitiez for my daughter
Mariam. Before Brain Abilitiez cognitive training program, I tried
several different learning programs, but unfortunately I saw no sign of
improvement. But right after 2 weeks of training at Brain Abilitiez, I
started to notice a big change not only academically but also in her
attitude and social skills. Mariam is now more independent, organized,
has better memory. Her English and Maths have also improved. This
was a successful journey for my daughter, thank you so much Brain
Abilitiez for the amazing program.


– CA

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