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Get help with ADHD and Dyslexia

At Brain Abilitiez, we use The Gibson Test of Cognitive Skills to identify each client's unique cognitive skill strengths and weaknesses. This is how we make sure every client gets the best results possible. Since 80% of all learning struggles are the result of weak cognitive skills, clearly identifying those weak skills is the first step to finding a lasting solution.

During our consultation, you’ll learn which cognitive strengths and weaknesses are behind many of the successes—and struggles—you or your child have been experiencing. We will then recommend a training pathway that best targets the weaknesses and start working towards your goals.


This training phase includes working one-to-one with a BrainRx brain trainer who will make the experience fun while providing the most effective brain workout possible for maximum improvements. This one-to-one training is supplemented with in-centre digital brain training. Clients start to report improvements in their day-to-day life even before finishing the programme. Clients commonly see improvements such as higher grades, less time doing homework, less overall frustration, greater confidence, improved productivity at work, improvements in sports, improvements in memory or attention, and even an increased love of learning.


After the training programme is completed, we assess and review all improvements. This final assessment allows us to measure improvements in brain performance.

The bottom line: our BrainRx programmes combine both personal brain training and digital brain training to deliver lasting improvements in brain performance for children and adults of all ages.

So, if you or your child want to learn but find there is always something disrupting this, such as the environment being too noisy environment or the teacher being absent, then our cognitive skills testing and personalised training will give you the invaluable ability to stay focused and motivated despite these challenges. If there are no obvious distractions preventing your studies, then Brain Abilitiez can help you to discover the root cause of why one may struggle at school, university or at work.



This research study explores the effects of completing a LearningRx course on the academic performance of school students.

How we can help with ADHD and Dyslexia

A client in a brain training program carrying out a BrainRx mental challenge

Speak to us to book an assessment, or to check information relevant for you or your child. 

Telephone: 0203 285 8331

WhatsApp to arrange a call-back: 07501450039

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