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Huge congratulations to you all on being participants of such a fabulous journey of personal development

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CEO, Shammi Kapoor's message to participants

About our CEO and Founder, Shammi Kapoor

Shammi was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, Depression and could not read properly until he was 20 years old.

Shammi was born in the UK and grew up as an expat child in Dubai.  He struggled to participate and be a functioning member of society whether it was in a community, at school or at home. When he was 19 years old, one of his clinical psychologists referred him to a BrainRx centre in Dubai where his life changed.

After two brain training programmes, Shammi was able to overcome many of his daily challenges; he was able to participate a lot more at home and with his peers. Shammi and his family were delighted with his improvements to the extent that Shammi asked the brain centre for an internship. He had a desire to learn more about the concept which had such a huge positive impact on his life. Shammi became a professional brain trainer, and also went back to university where he started to achieve his first ever “A’s” in formal education courses.


In 2015 Shammi eventually launched his own cognitive development centre, ‘Brain Abilitiez’. (The A to Z of abilities)

He went on to become Dubai and the UAE’s Student Entrepreneur Champion at the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards in 2018.




  1. All companies applying will be required to submit a three-minute marketing video using the Brain Abilitiez brand, encompassing the importance of how Brain Abilitiez impacts mankind. The video should be creative and not include any faces of individuals.

  2. Please take the time to listen to the video from Shammi Kapoor the CEO of Brain Abilitiez

  3. Explore our website and social media channels and carry out your research

  4. All the information provided on this page and on our website, will give you a thorough overview.

  5. The more creative you are the better!

  6. Videos will be submitted to Young Enterprise, the details of this process will be forwarded to you by Young Enterprise. Deadline for submissions is 3rd April 2023


Brain Abilitiez will present an award to the winning team plus there will be an additional prize:

A fun event inclusive of food and refreshments at Glow In One (Watford).  It's a fun place where you play mini golf in a glowing environment!  


Please feel free to explore the rest of our website if you want more information. If you have any questions, please email - Thank you and GOOD LUCK TO ALL!

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