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For an ADHD diagnosis for children aged 6 to 18, and Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis for children aged 5 to 18, please feel free to contact Dr Michael Grant. 

For an ADHD assessment for an adult, please feel free to contact Pranita Salunke.


The assessment to explore a diagnosis with Dr Grant or with Pranita Salunke will confirm whether there is a diagnosis or not. Any charges for their services will be provided to you by them or their teams directly.

We can still help you with a brain training solution even after a diagnosis, however, we will need to do our assessment in order to identify best training pathways/ solutions.

Dr Michael Grant 

Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist

Assessments for ADHD age 6 to 18; and Autism for children aged 5 to 18

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Location: London W1

Contact Dr Michael Grant

Assessment to explore a diagnosis of

Autism or ADHD for a child

Pranita Salunke , BSc, MSc

BSc Occupational Therapy, advanced training in ADHD assessment

Assessments for adults for ADHD

Location: North West London and virtual 

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Contact Pranita Salunke

Assessment to explore a diagnosis of ADHD for an adult

Please note that Dr Michael Grant and Pranita Sulanke are practitioners in their own right, and are not employees of Brain Abilitiez (Abilitiez Ltd). Abilitiez Ltd does not accept any liability for any services you book with either Dr Michael Grant or Pranita Salunke. Abilitiez Ltd are only providing the information on this page due to the number of enquiries we receive for diagnoses. Any correspondence, bookings and payments for services you enter into after submitting the contact forms on this page are the responsibility of Dr Michael Grant or Pranita Salunke respectively, and are managed by them and their teams.

Brain Abilitiez Cognitive Skills Assessment is the gateway to learning skills solutions and upgrading mental performance:

T: 0203 285 8331  or WhatsApp 07501450039 to arrange a call back.

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