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Michael's Memory

A Cognitive Skills Enhancement Program In loving memory of Michael Jacobs

A program to help improve mental ability, live a better more independent life, regain a sense

of dignity, and self worth, and perhaps even help someone to be able to work again.

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We are truly honoured to be able to participate in providing a program for someone who has suffered a stroke, to help change a life, in memory of our dear client Michael Jacobs who passed away in August 2022.  

This program has been funded through donations from Michael's family and friends, Sue (Michael's wife), and Brain Abilitiez. This is the first program, however, Sue would like to continue to be able to offer a program every year, in Michael's Memory.


In February 2022, my husband Michael had a life changing stroke. It affected him in such a huge way that he could not see any light at the end of the tunnel and lost all confidence. His motor skills and memory recall were a new and constant struggle for us all. Michael could not understand why, in only a short amount of time, he had gone from being a very sharp Electrician who could deal with literally any complication in his area of expertise, to someone who struggled to walk up the stairs or remember why he was in another room. I could not let my husband sit and continue to descend into a vegetative state. He had all but given up. I turned to so many people for help, only to get the door closed in my face or not be given the answers and support we needed. My family wanted our husband, father and brother back again. We believed in him and we wanted others to do the same.

Our journey with Brain Abilitiez began in May 2022. The individual program that was designed for Michael was amazing and so personal- we knew he was being treated as a person, rather than just another number or box to tick. Michael did undoubtedly struggle on some days but he still had the motivation to get up and try with the support from Brain Abilitiez. They gave him the never-ending encouragement to continue fighting, in a caring and safe environment. I soon began to see this positively impact Michael’s development.

Sadly, Michael passed away in early August 2022, at a great loss to so many of us. My family and I want Michael's Memory to live on and are trying to raise funds to help others who have suffered a stroke rebuild their memory through a brain training program. We hope Michael’s experience will help inspire people to donate what they can to ensure that others, who might otherwise not be able to afford such a program, get the help they need.

 - Sue Jacobs


Donate on Sue's fundraising page to help someone to get their life back on track:

Share this page and let people know about this program and help raise awareness. There is someone out there who can benefit from this generous gift.


We are welcoming applications from people who fit the criteria below.

Candidate criteria:


Age group 30 to 50 years


Candidate Personal Story

The candidate is to write about their personal story and include their ability prior to their stroke as well as current ability. What are current goals (life/ work/ social etc), and what they would like to achieve from the program. 

Understand how our training helps

Review a summary on the link below:

Mobility/ Motor Skills/ Speech & Language

The candidate must be able to walk up and down two sets of stairs.  We would be happy to assist in this but want to highlight that our office is on the 1st floor and if the lift was out of order, then the stairs would need to be navigated.  Must be able to use an external mouse on a laptop/PC, be able to write (even if slowly), and be able to have basic speech and language skills. 



We are based in Northwood Hills (HA6 1NW), Middlesex.  Candidate must have access to transport and be within a manageable distance of our location as the program requires the candidate to attend training a minimum of four times per week.


The Program

The program being gifted is for 90 hours of training to be completed, which would take between 18 to 22 weeks approximately.  Training sessions will be 60 to 75 minutes each.


Sharing Candidate Story

The candidate must be willing (unreservedly) to share their story and journey of their "Michael's Memory Program" with Brain Abilitiez, including interviews that will be videoed/ photographed allowing all parties to share this on (not limited to) their Social Media Platforms and websites.  They must also be comfortable with having a series of photos and videos taken which will be shared on Social Media Platforms with all parties and there may be Press/ TV interviews.


Funding of Assessment &  Program

Funding arrangements for the Assessment of £360 and the 90 hour Program of £7020:

The funding will be provided by Sue Jacobs from her personal money, plus funds raised through donations raised in Memory of Michael, and by Brain Abilitiez.

The candidate will have a Cognitive Skills Assessment with Brain Abilitiez to establish cognitive strengths and weaknesses, enabling Brain Abilitiez to create a tailored program for the candidate.  The assessment will only be carried out for the candidate that has been selected for the program.

The candidate selected to receive Michael's Memory needs to be able to pay a deposit of £500, by bank transfer, to Brain Abilitiez for the program. This deposit will be refunded in full to the candidate after they have completed the 90 hour program. 

The deposit is required to guarantee the candidate's commitment to complete the training program. It is hugely important that the program is completed. If a program is not completed, any cognitive gains would not be long lasting and a portion of the training program would already have been utilised, and the program is therefore not transferable to another candidate. If a candidate does not complete the program, the deposit would be forfeited.



The training journey will be published, including all improvements, on Michael's Memory Program link to be updated on this page. 

Please note: Applications will be analysed and forwarded to Sue for consideration. The successful applicant will be contacted and then details will be announced. The training journey will be documented and will be available via a link to be provided on this page. Sue Jacobs will have the final decision about who will receive this training in Michael's memory. Sue's decision will be final and cannot be questioned or contested in any way, and correspondence relating to such matters will not be responded to. 

Pablo Picasso, The Meaning of Life

Register interest for Michael's Memory Program

Thank you for your interest. A member of our team will contact you. Please note that this registration is purely to register your interest. Your details will not be shared with any third parties and will not be publicised until you have been selected and confirmed to receive the training in writing from Brain Abilitiez and you have accepted the same.

A huge thank you to Sue for entrusting us with the opportunity to help someone in Michael's Memory. We loved training Michael and enjoyed his sense of humour, wit, charm and wonderful chuckle. Michael will remain in our hearts forever. Rest in eternal peace dear Michael and thank you for coming into our lives.

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