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The Barriers to Learning

Treat your students, teachers or SENCo('s) to a 90 minute presentation on all of the possible barriers to successful lifelong learning and how to overcome them. This is an eye opening mini workshop revealing the very best information based on the latest findings in neuroscience and epigenetics. This leaves virtually no room for excuses to not perform well on exams!

All participants receive a Cognitive Skills Game Booklet.

Price: Finalised when considering location, number of attendees, etc.



The Truth Behind Intelligence

What is true intelligence?... and how valid is the IQ score when it comes to assessing one's achievability in todays world? How can you develop yourself to be a high performer whether it be at work, life, or sports?  All this and much more is addressed in our 'Truth Behind Intelligence' workshops. This workshop is customized towards the suitability and goals of the audience. Whether you are a group of parents, corporates, doctors, government officials, a football team or a police force, this workshop will make your team more aware of how their brain functions and bring more alertness & mindfulness to all attendees in order to help create more success.

These workshops help to improve team spirit and bring an element of fun into exploring how cognitive skills are impacting everyone in their day-to-day work and lives.

Price: Depending on factors such as location, number or attendees, etc.

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