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How we can help


Our brain training helps individuals that have had their cognitive skills impaired by a traumatic train injury (TBI) or stroke in order to regain their lives back.

Common target areas after a TBI or stroke include attention, processing speed and memory skills. However it is best to book an assessment in order to find out how we can address your unique case.

The brain training rehabilitation programmes are tailor made one-to-one training programmes with an experienced personal brain trainer. We target the needs of the individual to improve the areas they are struggling with.

Our cognitive training programme can be especially useful for individuals post-TBI for greatly reducing or even eliminating cognition problems with concentration, attention, memory, processing speed and visual and auditory processing.

Personalised brain training programmes can take 4 months to 7 months to complete (or longer, depending on needs/ goals) with training 4 to 5 training sessions per week. Training sessions will be in our centre, and in some cases we may be able to offer a hybrid programme where sessions may be a combination of face to face in our centre and on Zoom.

When we assess, we will be able to make a recommendation that will give the best outcomes.

Testimonial from client with TBI (traumatic brain injury)
Adult TBI results

This graph shows the results obtained by a former client with TBI

This client achieved significant improvements in ability in all cognitive skills. 

Client Testimonial (Age 47):


"I had a TIA and felt my performance in many aspects of day to day life had been effected. 

Totally intrigued by what Brain Abilitiez had to offer I contacted Sonal to do the assessments. 

After completion (of programme), further assessments were done and there was a significant improvement. For me personally the way I think, react and focus after completion has changed many aspects of my everyday life. Cognitive skills and memory have improved so much, changing my whole brain performance. Shammi, Sonal and Tom have all been fab and I honestly can’t recommend this program enough to anyone who has any learning difficulty or simply like me wants to improve their brain’s performance and gain a competitive advantage at work or everyday life." - Sheetal

Client Sheetal, with our COO Sonal, at an exhibition 4 years after brain training programme

Sonal with Sheetal TBI client Sept 2023_

Contact us to check if we can help:
T: 0203 285 8331
or WhatsApp/ Text 07501 450039 to arrange a call back.

Testimonial from a UK Parent:

"Our daughter sustained a severe TBI at 15 when a passenger in a head on collision.


She was unconscious for weeks and had to relearn how to walk, talk and eat. Her physical recovery was remarkable with comparatively minor residual damage, but she was left with cognitive difficulties that impacted on her daily life affecting her concentration, social skills and learning ability. Fatigue was also a significant problem.

We were recommended to the BrainRX program by a family friend in USA who had TBI following a catastrophic car crash. Having carefully researched the programme we signed on, not really knowing what to expect for our daughter but hopeful that improvements would be found in her symptoms. As we were 18 months from the date of the accident we were concerned that the window of recovery was closing and wanted to do everything we could to achieve the best recovery possible.

When she first started the programme her therapists were reporting that she was unable to concentrate for more than 30 minutes. She had been finding therapy sessions difficult and wrestled with anxiety and denial that she needed therapy. Improvements in concentration came quickly and she was soon able to tolerate sessions lasting up to 90 minutes.

Now, many of the problems that she was having at school such as severe anxiety regarding workload and social interactions have receded into the background and she now seems to be able to manage her days much better.


The effects of fatigue have reduced and by and large the difficulties she had with sleeping at night time have gone away. Perhaps the most significant thing we have noticed is that she seems much sharper in her thinking and her interactions. She has a greatly improved self-perception, and although this has led to some increased anxiety about her situation, we see that progress is being made all the time.

The ability to undertake the Brain RX programme online, and consequently the ability to fit all this into her busy schedule has been greatly appreciated. The Abilitez therapist was very patient and understanding and gave regular and objective reports back to us which helped and motivated us all. We would strongly recommend Abilitiez and the BrainRX program to anyone who is recovering from a TBI."

A study into the effectiveness of LearningRx brain training on TBI rehabilitation can be found here. In this study, 5 people with varying degrees of traumatic brain injuries and 5 people with varying degrees of cognitive impairment were analysed. MR exams were acquired on all participants prior to and upon completion of the LearningRx cognitive training programme and all participants completed pre-post neuropsychological IQ testing (Woodcock-Johnson IV – Tests of Cognitive Abilities) and condition-specific rating scales. Each participant showed an increase in neuropsychological testing outcomes. 

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