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How we can help


Our brain training helps individuals that have had their cognitive skills impaired by a traumatic train injury (TBI) or stroke in order to regain their lives back.

Common target areas after a TBI or stroke include attention, processing speed and memory skills. However it is best to book an assessment in order to find out how we can address your unique case.

The brain training rehabilitation programmes are tailor made one-to-one training programmes with an experienced personal brain trainer. We target the needs of the individual to improve the areas they are struggling with.

Our cognitive training programme can be especially useful for individuals post-TBI for greatly reducing or even eliminating cognition problems with concentration, attention, memory, processing speed and visual and auditory processing.

Personalised brain training programmes can be 5 months to 7 months (or longer, depending on needs/ goals) with training 4 to 5 training sessions per week. Training sessions can be in our centre.

Testimonial from client with TBI (traumatic brain injury)
Adult TBI results

This graph shows the results obtained by previous client with TBI

She was able see significant improvements in ability in all cognitive skills!

A study into the effectiveness of LearningRx brain training on TBI rehabilitation can be found here. In this study, 5 people with varying degrees of traumatic brain injuries and 5 people with varying degrees of cognitive impairment were analysed. MR exams were acquired on all participants prior to and upon completion of the LearningRx cognitive training programme and all participants completed pre-post neuropsychological IQ testing (Woodcock-Johnson IV – Tests of Cognitive Abilities) and condition-specific rating scales. Each participant showed an increase in neuropsychological testing outcomes. 

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