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Children's Testimonials...

Dear Shammi Sir and team at Brain Abilitiez,

Before I came here I was struggling with spelling, had difficulty to memorize things and most importantly staying calm. After I started my training here slowly I felt less impulsive, I got better in spellings and started to listen properly to my teachers and family.

My teachers appreciated the change in my behavior and more than that I feel good and happy for myself. I feel more confident in making friends. All thanks to Shammi Sir.

You made me what I am today. You will forever be my inspiration- a person I wish to be and to do the same job of helping others.

-Abhinav Nalatwad (age 11)

Shammi training a school student.
Finishing the brain abilitiez course.
A student finishing the BrainRx course

My experience at Brain Abilitiez was great. I had lots of fun watching my improvements go up. I can now visualize stuff better and can remember information easier. I can focus on things better than the start and my time management skills are a lot better than before. I would totally do the program again and would recommend it to a lot of people.

-Ayah (age 14)

At the first time I came to this brain training I thought that I don't need it because I thought that I was alright but actually I wasn't.

After some sessions I started to feel the difference. I've started to see my focus change.

But also I've noticed that it helped me in every situation: The results are amazing. At school I'm way more focused than before and I understand and answer every question more rapidly. In sports, especially at table tennis it helped me a lot. I am so fast at hitting the ball and sometimes I even know where the ball goes before I hit it, it's really amazing!

Even at home it helped me so much: with homework I had to do and also at cleaning my home when needed.

I also want to say thanks to the people that train me and with out them I really will not be here now telling how good this experience was for me.

I really would recommend this brain training to everybody because it really helps their life getting better now and in the future.

-DM (age 15)

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Brain training
Client finishing the Brain Abilitiez program

The activities they gave me required Thinking, Awareness, Memory, Observation, Maths, and Auditory. I had a lot of fun doing all these activities. I definitely had favorites in the activities and some that I just didn’t like because I wasn’t really good at it at first.

In the middle of my program I was asked what changes I could see in myself and I was able to say 7 changes that I noticed. Some of the activities require full focus and attention in it, if full focus is not given, then I wouldn’t get a good score on it. So these activities have made me less distracted and more focused.

Abilitiez has shared my birthday as well as other special days. I will never forget this experience in my life.

-Anabel (age 13)

I would recommend Brain Abilitiez to anyone. Brain Abilitiez has helped me a lot throughout this year. Having Esther as my brain trainer was an amazing experience.

-Ahad (age 12)

After Brain Abilitiez, I find it easier to complete my homework without getting stuck. Through the brain activities, I have learned many things that could enhance my learning abilities and become a smarter individual. Thank you Shammi for your great work!

- Sheikh Mohammed Al Nahyan, Abu Dhabi (Age 16)

My mum had seen an advert for the brain training programme. She decided to sign me up for it as I was having a lot of trouble remembering things and processing information. I started off with quite a negative attitude towards doing the programme as I didn't understand or believe that it was possible to retrain my brain so that I could remember things and understand the things that were going on around me. I soon realized this attitude was restricting me from getting the best out of the programme so I decided to open up to it and try my hardest so I would get the best out of it.


When I started I was trained by Shilpa. She was very nice and I realized I could have a laugh with her so it got through the time quicker. As well as having a laugh she would make me work hard. If I had a long day she would be quite lenient on what we did that day to try and make me enjoy it more which was very nice. I'd do the things that I had to get done but if I did it well she would reward me by letting me choose what we do next or make the task a lot easier. This really helped me look forward to going as I knew I wouldn't be doing something that I really disliked for a long period of time.

As time progressed my trainer had switched to Shammi. He was very helpful. He made all the tasks fun and more interesting than before. I soon learnt that I could have a joke with him which made me want to focus hard on passing the levels so he would be proud of my achievements. He really encouraged me to do well and whenever I'd lack motivation or not put all my effort in he would make sure he encouraged me and put me back on task so I would get the full benefit of the programme. He helped me a lot with bringing out my confidence and really helped push me through levels. At times it was tough as he can be harsh but he only is if he knows you can do it as he only wants the best for you.

As time progressed I got familiar with all the exercises and what was expected of me. I could tell they only wanted what was best for me so I made sure I gave it my all. Everyone has rough days and I had quite few where I lost motivation and I gave up on the training but I soon learnt the more you do that and push it away the least you will benefit from it. That's what pushed me to keep trying. it really helped when I was given deals to do better for example if I did really good on digital I wouldn't have to do stories or I would get a longer 1 to 1 session.


As time went on I started to notice some changes in the way I see things. I noticed shops and places I hadn't seen before. I started to remember the directions to places which I was terrible at before. I could focus for longer periods of time whilst working at school and I could remember more tasks that I had to complete. I was more aware of my surroundings and if there is lots of conversations around me I can separate them all and take in all the information. By the end of the training I had learnt a lot about how aware I was with everything around me. I can now add numbers without thinking about it and I can understand how to read and speak a lot better than I could originally. Overall, the experience was very helpful and helps show that you can succeed in something and I recommend it to anyone thinking about signing up.  

- Jessica (Age 16)


Adults' Testimonials...

I've had a wonderful experience at Brain Abilitiez. It has helped me in being more accurate and attentive around my surroundings. It helped me overcome my impulsive behavior, and made me a much calmer person who does not get agitated or angry easily anymore. My training here helped me reduce social anxiety with interacting with new people and has made me less stubborn. I would also like to thank my trainer for making my sessions exciting and fun that I would always love to come back for the next one. I would always recommend my family and friends to give brain training at Brain Abilitiez a try.

Adeyola, University Student, age 18.

Testimonial from an adult client

I didn't have any particular areas I thought I needed to improve upon, until I came for a brain training experience at Brain Abilitiez. During the session I realized I needed to improve on my short-term memory and attention span due to  the demanding nature of my job wherein I have to multi task such as producing reports along with providing customer service to employees which in return keeps me constantly distracted throughout my tasks. My trainer practiced some exercises targeted towards divided attention to help me stay focused on a task whilst ignoring any distractions. It was really interesting to identify a weakness which i can improve upon as I learnt some awesome tips from my trainer to overcome them. Thank you Shammi and Misha for a welcoming and an informative experience at Brain Abilitiez.

-Aisha, HR Specialist

I am a 50 year old housewife. Recently I did a brain training experience at "Abilitiez", and I was shocked to see how weak my memory and my ability to multi-task was! This session made me realize that people of all ages need to exercise and challenge their brains in more than one way. I think this program is useful for all ages and all professions including children. In fact just the other day I saw a program on CNN on how important it is to exercise our brain, just as we do our body. I have become a huge fan of this program and have been talking about it to my friends. This is the way forward.

-Mrs S, age 50.

“Abilitiez overall is a great place to get smarter and sharper. I recommend Abilitiez to everyone who wants to improve their lives and to get an amazing experience with the best brain trainer Shammi!”

-Sheikha Meera Al Nahyan (Abu Dhabi)

"Overall, I loved it - I think there is a huge application to do this for management and leadership skills.”

– Paul Kenny (Award winning Irish entrepreneur)

Adult client who completed the BrainRx program
Client training

“Insightful, fun and focused. Take your children as well - this team has something for all age groups. They make a customized training schedule for each client.”

-Samia, Director, Barclays Wealth and Investment.

Client training

“My aim in golf is better… I can now remember names of the people I meet at the golf club”

-RD, 57 year old CEO and Global Philanthropist. 


Parents' Testimonials...

Shammi & team of Brain Abilitiez, I thank you all from bottom of my heart for training and making Abhinav more confident.

Shammi! A person of hope, positivity and confidence everyone would for sure get to see from him. For all those who are having BrainRx on mind, yes it's a place to show definite results!


Special thanks and congratulations to Mr & Mrs. Kapoor for putting Shammi on the map for such a noble job of training people to become confident and positive.


For Abhinav, Shammi will always be an inspiration and a
person to look up to take and dedicate for such a noble job of helping people. God bless, keep up this good deed... Thanks a ton!

Bharti Nalatwad

Parent of: Rishi, age 14, trained via Zoom

Rishi has really flourished since completing this journey. He has gone from being a daydreamer and quiet in class to one who asks questions and is fully focused. He feels his vision, hearing and reactions have all improved and he is no longer distracted from the task at hand.

I would recommend this course for any child who lacks confidence and unable to focus - we can see the results clearly in Rishi. He now believes he can tackle any task without fear of failure and is so much more organised and focused.

Jake was a great coach who really bonded with him and he looked forward to each session. Shammi and Sonal have been great supports and I highly recommend the whole Team.


One of my friends recommended Brain Abilitiez for my daughter, Mariam. Before Brain Abilitiez cognitive training program, I tried several different learning programs, but unfortunately I saw no sign of
improvement. But right after 2 weeks of training at Brain Abilitiez, I started to notice a big change not only academically but also in her attitude and social skills. Mariam is now more independent, organized,
has better memory. Her English and Maths have also improved. This was a successful journey for my daughter, thank you so 
much Brain Abilitiez for the amazing program.

Sareena (Mum to 9 year old Kyle)

An absolutely brilliant course for anyone who needs that little bit of a push but with fantastic results. We were always trying to find that missing piece to really unlock our son’s potential. Something was always holding him back; getting distracted after a short time, needing someone to sit with him and guide him even though he was capable of doing the work and forgetting his trail of thought when writing. We found this to be the case across the subjects. He was very capable so it wasn’t subject tuition that he needed. We came across Brain Abilitiez and after reading what they did we thought this could probably be the missing piece which was holding our son back. It quickly became apparent that he needed to improve on his auditory memory. We decided to give the course a go. Midway through we could start to see small but obvious changes in our son. His concentration improved in all subjects, he was able to keep up when writing dictations at school and his performance in sports excelled. His story writing flowed and his understanding of books and summarising chapters improved immensely. This continued right through until the end of the course and even today having completed the course we continue to see the benefits.

Dr Farah Shah,  Dr Colin Steel and Danyal

We would highly recommend Brain Abilitiez to anyone.

Our son has ADHD, Dyslexia and Dyspraxia. He always tries his hardest at school and at home but he has always struggled with his learning.

We went to BA with an open mind as to whether the course would help him. As training is tailored to suit each individual, we decided to give it a try. 

The impact of the training  takes a while to appear but after 3-4 week we began to notice our son beginning to cope better with his homework. Over the following 2-3 months, the progress was far more noticeable. He was far more confident at home, tackling his homework without the usual fights, able to complete his work far more independently and able to focus on tasks for longer. This also helped as he became more confident.  His school also noticed the changes and were positive giving feedback.

You have to commit to put all the hours in with the training, but don't be put off - it is worth the effort. We are looking forward to starting the next stage of our sons training and have to thank Sonal and Tom for all the help they have given us and our son.

Maya Stone (Mum to 11 year old, trained via Zoom)

We would like to thank the team at Brain Abilitiez. Our daughter has struggled at school exams, in particular maths. The team have worked with her to equip her with the skills that will help her not in just maths but in all aspects of her life. We noticed several weeks into the course our daughter's attention and focus had greatly improved. She bonded really well with the team and looked forward to her lessons, in particular the ones with Sanita. Would recommend this course. Thanks to all the team at Brain Abilitiez.

Testimonial re attention Feb 2021 DP (Rasila).webp

Charlie’s Brain Story (Written by Charlie’s Dad)

Charlie is autistic, attends a special needs high school and is 14 years old. Over the years though he has made improvements, the below were key concerns for us, when we first visited you, to see how you could help Charlie with the cognitive brain therapy.

Charlie has lack of attention and finds it difficult to concentrate on any one activity for any length of time. Also had difficulty to transition between activities and found it hard to adapt any changes easily. 

He is also fixated by TV, electronic gadgets and if left to his own devices would watch TV and YouTube watching specific scenes from his favourite movies, Baby Einstein or CBeebies.

He has anxiety in large groups, with sensitivity to loud noises.

Charlie’s level of independence with self-care tasks.

Charlie’s lack of safety-awareness in the context of dangerous situations, stranger danger.

Charlie’s level of social and communication skills and the impact these have on the challenging behaviour he displays.

Charlie’s challenging behaviour typically serves two functions: when Charlie has been asked to do something or when he has been denied access to something he wants.

Charlie will often display challenging behaviour in the form of moving away, verbal protests, and general non-compliance (ignoring/refusal). Occasionally he will push past the supervising adult or try to grab items. These behaviours are Charlie’s way of letting you know that he is not happy with what is happening.

Throughout the course of our Brain Abilitiez Training and Cognitive therapy, Charlie is now sitting down for a full 60 minutes of work together. Initially we started with a slot of 15 minutes and gradually build it up to 60mins. He understands the “First/Then” concept of working then playtime.

Functional communication has improved via training that was provided to encourage Charlie’s use of essential language to help him communicate his needs, e.g. “break”, “wait”, “finished”, “more” etc. Regular praise has helped Charlie to develop his communication skills further.

Charlie’s challenging behaviour in the community has also improved, particularly when he is asked to comply with activities we need to complete such as shopping, or when he is not granted access to something he wants (watching DVD’s in TV shops).

Within the last 6-9 months, Charlie is now much more confident and engaging, his level of independence is developing nicely, and he is accessing the community more successfully and is much more amenable to the boundaries we have established. Whilst Charlie has further progress to make, he has made considerable improvements across many of the targeted areas in a very short space of time.

Charlie’s mum visited family overseas for 10 days on her own for the first time since he was born. Charlie adapted well during this time. Charlie is better able to adjust to changes in his routine with planning and has been able to visit a cinema, Disney show at the O2 all within the past 6 months, venturing outside of his comfort zone. Charlie has tolerated, and mostly enjoyed these activities which we believe has consequently helped him develop further across a number of areas.

The Brain Training programme has definitely helped Charlie. Brain Abilitiez understands each and every child’s needs and the therapy is a very tailored programme. We would like to thank Sonal and the whole team at Brain Abilitiez for all the hard work and support we have received so far and we look forward to carrying on the programme as it is making a positive change in Charlie’s life and our goal is to make Charlie as independent as possible.


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