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People who are talented/ gifted are often neglected, as they may be in environments where they are required to work around people with average learning ability, and their skills do not get that extra edge they yearn for.  Our brain training programmes provide gifted individuals that extra opportunity to develop their skills further and increase their productivity and improve opportunities in line with their goals.

Our tailored programmes provide appropriate challenges for all skill levels.


High ranking universities around the world are looking for students that are top performers academically, are distinguished in sports, have great community spirit and have leadership potential.  Enhancing cognitive skills boosts academic performance,  confidence, mental speed, athletic performance, social skills, and leadership qualities.


Ensuring strong cognitive skills means thinking and learning becomes easier. This means brain training can help to maximise performance in school or university.


When it comes to competing for schools, sitting exams or applying for university, the pressure from the situation can often hinder performance for many people. With brain training, the boost in confidence, strengthened cognitive ability and the skills developed for maintaining focus in different situations can help to give students an edge.

Image of a brain with a crown
Shammi training a client using a BrainRx mental task
Student who completed the Brain Abilitiez program

How we can help

Give your child the edge with tailored one to one brain training!


Contact us for information and guidance relevant for an individual's requirements:

Telephone: 0203 285 8331


WhatsApp 07501 450039.


"I came across Brain Abilitiez during a recent networking session, where I met Sonal Kapoor who explained briefly what their training did and how it has helped many adults and children. I was very much interested in what they were doing and did some research into the company and thereafter booked by 7 year old daughter for an assessment. Both Shammi and Sonal made my daughter feel comfortable and assessed her brain abilities and processing power via various special digital and manual programmes. The results were very impressive and the team was able to pinpoint areas of improvements (needed). My wife and I were very impressed with the programmes on offer and highly recommend the team at Abilitiez who really know how to train a brain to its full potential." Binit Shah.

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