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Brain training sharpens the way the brain processes information. It involves a series of intense mental exercises which are uniquely designed to challenge and enhance our core cognitive skills. 

Our programmes involve one-to-one sessions with a brain training coach, as well as digital brain training on a computer. These sessions can be carried out in our Training Centre or via Zoom. Unlike tutoring, the training does not teach information but instead it enhances the ability of the brain to grasp, use and recall incoming information. The game-like tasks the training involves are entertaining as well as challenging, meaning our programmes are suitable and engaging for people of all ages. 

At Brain Abilitiez, our training is tailor made for each individual. This allows us to specifically target cognitive weaknesses and enables them to excel in the long term.

The cognitive skills we focus on include:

  • Attention

  • Processing Speed

  • Working Memory

  • Long Term Memory

  • Auditory Processing

  • Visual Processing

  • Logic & Reasoning

By targeting each of these areas, the programme can aid in overcoming ADHD, dyslexia and TBIs as well as increasing focus, confidence and memory. It can improve the learning capabilities of an individual and even enhance their IQ!

what is it


  1. The programme begins with a cognitive skills assessment to establish your cognitive strengths and weaknesses.

  2. A full cognitive profile will be established which will help us to tailor your training to best suit you. These results will be discussed with you in a consultation.

  3. One-to-one training begins with your own brain training coach. This training can be carried out in-person or via zoom.

  4. By continually challenging your brain during the training you will begin to notice improvements which will enhance your life!

We are able to offer this cognitive testing and training in schools, to corporate clients, to businesses and many more locations. 

how it woks

Shammi Kapoor
CEO & Co-Founder

Shammi Kapoor- founder and CEO

Shammi was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, Depression and could not read properly until he was 20 years old.

Shammi was born in the UK and grew up as an expat child in Dubai.  He struggled to participate and be a functioning member of society whether it was in a community, at school or at home. When he was 19 years old, one of his clinical psychologists referred him to a BrainRx centre in Dubai where his life changed.

After two brain training programmes, Shammi was able to overcome many of his daily challenges; he was able to participate a lot more at home and with his peers. Shammi and his family were delighted with his improvements to the extent that Shammi asked the brain centre for an internship. He had a desire to learn more about the concept which had such a huge positive impact on his life. Shammi became a professional brain trainer, and also went back to university where he started to achieve his first ever “A’s” in formal education courses.


In 2015 Shammi eventually launched his own cognitive development centre, ‘Brain Abilitiez’. (The A to Z of abilities)

He went on to become Dubai and the UAE’s Student Entrepreneur Champion at the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards in 2018.


Sonal Kapoor
Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer

Sonal - its all in the mind  April 2021 v2_edited.jpg

Brain Abilitiez biggest fan and supporter, is Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Sonal Kapoor. Sharing Shammi's journey from very poor ability to incredible ability and making his vision a reality has been a re-birth for Sonal. 

"There can be nothing more inspiring than watching your own child be a miracle in action. Watching pain change into purpose and that purpose changing, enabling and empowering others is the greatest gift imaginable"


- Sonal Kapoor

The science behind our one-to-one training

The human brain processes information via networks of cells called neurons. In order for us to continually take in new information and learn new tasks, the connections between the neurons are continually strengthened, created and lost throughout our lives. This is known as brain plasticity. 

Because of this ability of the brain cells to adapt, the cognitive skills

that we may believe to be our weaknesses can be strengthened by continually challenging our brain with certain tasks.  When the brain is challenged in this way, new neural connections are made and we feel more confident in our ability to carry out tasks we once struggled with. 

As the brain is not only involved with our thoughts and memory but also with emotions and controlling the rest of the body, our brain training programmes can also help improve mental wellbeing. The programmes can help people of all ages to develop and maintain a healthy and active brain and to establish a faster, smarter and more efficient mind. 

A brain training with weights
Shammi Kapoor and Ken Gibson
Remote brain training via zoom

Start your brain training now!

To begin your brain training programme follow these four simple steps


Get in touch 


Get assessed to identify your cognitive strengths and weaknesses


Train in the centre or via zoom


See results!

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