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At Brain Abilitiez we work one-to-one with individuals who desire maximum learning skills enhancements. Our team is armed with powerful cognitive skills testing and training tools that can transform learning and performance weaknesses into strengths in as little as *12 weeks.

Shammi Kapoor – Founder & CEO


Shammi is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, Depression and could not read properly until he was 20 years old.

Shammi was born in the UK and grew up as an expat child in Dubai where he struggled as he could not participate and be a functioning member of society whether it was in a community, at school or at home. When he was 19 years old, one of his clinical psychologists referred him to a BrainRx centre in Dubai where his life changed.

After two brain training programs, Shammi was able to overcome many of his daily challenges and was able to participate a lot more at home and with his peers. Shammi and his family were delighted with his improvements to the extent that Shammi asked the brain centre for an internship. He had a desire to learn more about the concept which had such a huge positive impact on his life. Shammi became a professional brain trainer, and also went back to university where he started to achieve his first ever “A’s” in formal education courses.


In 2015 Shammi eventually launched his own cognitive development centre, ‘Brain Abilitiez’. (The A to Z of abilities)

He went on to becoming Dubai and the UAE’s Student Entrepreneur Champion at the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards in 2018.

Brain Abilitiez launched it's first UK training centre in Rickmansworth in 2016 where the team consisting of parents, neuroscientists and psychologists have helped people of all ages and backgrounds improve their brain performance. Shammi and Brain Abilitiez have trained clients of all abilities, including successful CEO’s, entrepreneurs, lawyers, pharmacists, finance gurus, hedge fund managers, HR specialists, authors, royal family members, and children who have all taken advantage of our tailored brain training to enhance their performance and lives.

"I am driven by positivity and my passion for maximizing human potential. It is my goal to change people’s lives the same way BrainRx changed mine.

It gives me tremendous honour to be in a field where we target the human brain's potential. The brain is known as the number one cause for every problem and every triumph in one’s life. By targeting the root cause, our clients see incredible improvements in their lives.

Growing up facing the challenges of autism allows me to truly empathize with my clients, to be able to understand the journey they are going through when they face challenges which could lead to trouble performing tasks required in their daily lives.


Neuroscience supports the growth mind-set, the connections in your brain do get stronger and grow. We are privileged to offer this growth at the fastest rate compared to any other program worldwide. It does not matter whether you struggle or thrive, if you are willing to improve your brain, we at Brain Abilitiez can cater to your needs to help you gain the results you desire." -Shammi Kapoor

Shammi Kapoor has also been volunteering with the Young Enterprise initiatives in the Hertfordshire area, inspiring tomorrow's leaders.

Brain Abilitiez now has locations in the UK in Harrow-on-the Hill (HA1), Rickmansworth (WD3), and London (W1).

  Dr Ken Gibson - Founder of Brain Rx

Dr. Ken Gibson’s life experiences have been a training ground for his calling. The learning challenges he faced in his personal life, once overcome, laid the groundwork for an enterprise that has helped thousands.


As a young man growing up in Wisconsin, Dr. Gibson struggled to read. At the time, so little was known about the causes behind learning and reading struggles that he was essentially on his own. Today, he would be labeled dyslexic.


An undiagnosed cognitive skill weakness made it difficult for Dr. Gibson to distinguish sounds and words. But he compensated for his weaknesses, and worked excessively hard to achieve a professional graduate degree. When he began his career as an Optometrist, he noticed that children who came into his practice exhibited signs of the same kind of reading problems that he himself had experienced.

That knowledge motivated Dr. Gibson to co-create the cognitive skills programs that form the foundation of LearningRx today. Each positive result fueled the team’s motivation to help more people. This has become Dr. Gibson’s passion.


Accepting weak cognitive skills, settling for low learning potential, or compensating for learning weaknesses is simply no longer necessary. Parents now have options that work.


Years ago, Dr. Gibson asked, “What if we could come up with a program that makes the brain stronger and more able to process information? How many people could we help?” The answer has been proven. Today, thousands of students are experiencing the benefits of brain training through BrainRx.

* Each person is unique, results vary from person to person and no-one set of results are deemed as typical. We offer programs tailored to training needs. 

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