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About the programmes

Our Brain Training Programmes are bespoke tailor made programmes backed by over 35 years of research and studies.

Programmes are:

  • based on one-to-one training and give long-lasting gains.

  • designed based on the results of the cognitive profile to meet individual goals.

  • proven to deliver the highest gains.

  • can only be recommended or quoted after an assessment is completed as we need to review suitability and whether or not a brain training programme is the best option for our clients- this allows us to guarantee improvements.

Our programmes have significantly helped clients who want to excel at school or in their careers and those with cognitive impairments. For example, we have helped clients with ADHD, Dyslexia, GDD, ASD and clients who have suffered a brain injury/stroke. We have aided in strengthening the cognitive ability and confidence of many individuals and improved their day-to-day lives. 

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AccelerateRx is a comprehensive, personalised brain training programme that develops foundational skills that are the prerequisites for learning and academic success.

The education system assumes that all children come in to school ready to learn; however, there are a range of foundational skills that are essential in order to be able to focus and take in information.

If only one of these core skills is lacking, such as phonemic awareness, attention or working memory, this may be the reason that a child starts to fall behind at school.

In our AccelerateRx programme, the one-to-one exercises focus on challenging and enhancing the areas of the brain which are essential for learning. The programme can help people of all ages who have learning difficulties. It can transform a person's foundation, enhancing their ability to learn and function.

This programme supports individuals who need an early intervention programme to help with:

- Delayed Language

- Global Developmental Delay

- Sensory Motor Integration Issues

- Students experiencing a delay in key developmental areas

- Students not in main stream education

- Significant diagnosis and cognitive disfunction, Down Syndrome/ Cerebral Palsy/ TBI/ Stroke/ ASD

- Students who are not able to take conventional tests/ assessments

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Our tailored BrainRx brain training programmes combine the proven power of one-to-one brain training with state-of-the-art digital brain training. Students work one-to-one with a personal brain trainer, doing intense mental exercises that stimulate improvements in brain performance.

The result is a powerful training system for students of all ages who want to achieve maximum learning potential, be able to study with greater ease, experience greater success in school or at work and improve the brain's ability to think, read, learn, reason, remember and pay attention.
The programme is designed to help individuals who already have the basic foundations for these skills to be able to develop them further.  This means they will able to excel when it comes to studying, working or simply functioning in day-to-day life.

The skills focused on in this programme are:

- attention
- processing speed
- working memory
- long term memory
- auditory processing
- visual processing
- logic & reasoning.


The most suitable programme for each client is discussed in a consultation after taking the cognitive assessment. The assessment helps us to identify the root causes of struggles an individual experiences. This enables us to target and eliminate weaknesses so clients start to feel their improvements early on in the program, building confidence and motivation to succeed. 
Training is in our centre. For some clients we may be able to offer a combination of sessions in our centre and via Zoom (subject to suitability).

Contact us for information and guidance relevant for an individual's requirements:

Telephone: 0203 285 8331


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