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Get help with ADHD


Individuals who struggle with attention issues and ADHD can often quickly fall behind at work or at school. Poor attention impacts hugely in all aspects of life with individuals finding it difficult to complete assignments, process instructions, interact with others, and often are impulsive, fidget, or may disrupt the flow of tasks/ work.

At Brain Abilitiez, we don't diagnose or label. Many of our clients who enrol on our programmes have a previous diagnosis or have been struggling with poor concentration for a long time. We provide the solution to improve cognitive weaknesses that are commonly linked to ADHD. 


Our personalised training programmes help people improve sustained, selective and divided attention skills, enabling our clients to experience significant improvements at work, school and in life.​​

Working one to one with a brain trainer with activities that improve attention skills, memory and impulsivity, enable our clients to learn more easily, multi-task, manage their emotions/ behaviour better, and exercise impulse control in their lives.


Contact us for information and guidance relevant for an individual's requirements:

Telephone: 0203 285 8331, or WhatsApp 07501 450039 to arrange a call back.

How we help individuals with ADHD

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Testimonial : Dr Farah Shah,  Dr Colin Steel and Danyal:

" We would highly recommend Brain Abilitiez to anyone. Our son has ADHD, Dyslexia and Dyspraxia. He always tries his hardest at school and at home but he has always struggled with his learning.

We went to BA with an open mind as to whether the course would help him. As training is tailored to suit each individual, we decided to give it a try.  The impact of the training  takes a while to appear but after 3-4 week we began to notice our son beginning to cope better with his homework. Over the following 2-3 months, the progress was far more noticeable. He was far more confident at home, tackling his homework without the usual fights, able to complete his work far more independently and able to focus on tasks for longer. This also helped as he became more confident.  His school also noticed the changes and were positive giving feedback.

You have to commit to put all the hours in with the training, but don't be put off - it is worth the effort. We are looking forward to starting the next stage of our sons training and have to thank Sonal and Tom for all the help they have given us and our son."

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