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Get help with Dyslexia

Adults and children with Dyslexia find it difficult to comprehend what they read, struggle to sound out new words, spelling can be challenging, tend to read slowly and confuse similar sounds such as b,d, p, q. 

Weaker cognitive skills tend to be auditory processing, memory, and processing speed. There can be other combinations which can be identified via our assessment.

During our consultation, you’ll learn which cognitive strengths and weaknesses are behind many of the struggles and successes, you or your child have been experiencing. After assessing we recommend a personalised training pathway that best targets the cognitive weaknesses.


Working one-to-one with a BrainRx brain trainer supplemented with in-centre digital brain training, clients start to report improvements in their day-to-day life even before finishing the programme. Clients commonly see improvements such as higher grades, less time doing homework, less overall frustration, greater confidence, improved productivity at work, improvements in sports, improvements in memory and attention.


​Clients (adults or children) with Dyslexia or similar traits who enrol on our programmes thrive at school and in life. With the correct therapy it is possible to build stronger reading skills and overcome learning difficulties. Our BrainRx programmes are backed by over 40+ years of research and experience.



How we help individuals with Dyslexia

Book an assessment, or check information relevant for you or your child:

Telephone: 0203 285 8331

WhatsApp to arrange a call-back: 07501450039

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