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The A to Z of Abilities


what we do

Backed by

40+ years

of research and studies


Client lives changed
(by Brain Rx training)

We help clients aged

years old

7 to 90+ 

What we do

  • At Brain Abilitiez, we work one-to-one with individuals to enhance their mental performance.

  • Our tailored brain training programmes are licenced by BrainRx® and have proven results. ​Training is face to face in our centre or via Zoom (subject to suitability).

  • Brain training can help people of all ages and abilities.

  • Our clients are able to:

Brainy person focusing with a microscope
Brainy person completing a puzzle

Stay more focused

Demonstrate better memory

Brainy person who has hit the target and is proud

Feel more confident

Brainy person next to a tick, thumbs up

See improvements in performance

Brainy person reading a book

Learn faster

Brainy person skateboarding

Get work done more quickly

What are cognitive skills?

  • These are the underlying mental skills required for learning. 

  • They are essential for our ability to process new information and determine how easily we are able to interpret, understand and recall this information. 

  • The Learning Model shown here illustrates how all new information is processed by the brain before it can be stored in our knowledge bank. It demonstrates why each of the cognitive skills are essential in the storage of new information; if just one area is not working as expected then it can make it very difficult to learn new things. 

  • At Brain Abilitiez, we analyse each of these areas and provide clients with comprehensive information about their cognitive profile.

The learning model. How we process information to learn new things.

Start your brain training now!

To begin your brain training programme follow these four simple steps

Step 1

Get in touch 

Step 2

Get assessed to identify your cognitive strengths and weaknesses

Step 3

Train in the centre or via zoom

Step 4

See results!

We are thrilled and honoured to be officially recognised as one of the UK's top 100 small businesses in the SmallBiz100 2023


Shammi Kapoor, award winner of EO's Global Student Entrepreneur Awards 2018

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