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Welcome to Brain Abilitiez

Brain Training for Children, Young People, Special Educational Needs, Academic Performance, Sporting Performance, Enhanced Careers, Brain Injury, Mental Health and Senior Citizens.


Brain Abilitiez is a provider of cognitive training. We follow the BrainRx concept which makes the brain stronger, faster and smarter. Our programs are based on over 35 years of studies and research. Brain training is a simple but powerful way to enhance someone’s core ability to think faster, learn easier, and perform better.

We analyze and target the following Cognitive Skills used in every day life:

  • Attention

  • Processing Speed

  • Working Memory

  • Long Term Memory

  • Auditory Processing

  • Visual Processing

  • Logic & Reasoning












The stronger these areas are, the easier it is to perform daily tasks. Book an appointment to find out what your cognitive strengths and weaknesses are and how they are affecting your performance.

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Our clients are able to:

  • Stay More Focused

  • Demonstrate Better Memory

  • Learn Faster

  • Feel More Confident

  • See Improvements In Performance

  • Get Work Done More Quickly

  • Perform Better In Sports

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Each person is unique, results vary from person to person and no-one set of results are deemed as typical.

We offer programs tailored to training needs. Please contact us for more information.